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Responsive Recovery Services: 

  • The Stages of Trauma & Recovery (STAR) Model Systems/Organization Training Package.
  • Courses offering  ASWB ACE credit. 
  • Trauma-Responsive Breakroom: Adult, Adolescent or Children's Group Sessions.
  • STAR Community Workshops

A Trauma-Responsive Approach to Delivery of Services

Joesph Palermo, Jr. (Memorium)
Professor:  Mercy College

New York, N.Y.

Responsive Recovery

Kate Travers, LCSW-C is a graduate of University of Maryland has 20+ years of experience working with trauma survivors in systems ranging from international adoptions, the prison system and treatment foster care.  Ms. Travers was a regular contributor to Fostering Families magazine and had several chapters published in The Kinship Care Toolbox and maintains a parenting blog. Ms. Travers primary focus of treatment is to enable clients to heal their attachment and trauma wounds. She is trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). Ms. Travers is a Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner and Educator.  She has worked with trauma survivors in all stages of life and has been featured in The Best of the Best in Howard County, MD for her private psychotherpay practice The Healing Place. 

"Discovering the lives we seek to serve."

Tips for media covering traumatic events:​

​​​​Lizette Ubides, LCSW-C,

Chief Executive Officer


Kelly Beins

Occupational Therapy Consultating, LLC

Sensory Integration Specialist

Frederick, MD


To influence 21st Century mental and medical health systems in integrating  The Stages of Trauma & Recovery (STAR) Model as a standard universal framework and language needed to that educates, equips and empowers the general public in the management of mental health. 

Kate Travers, LCSW-C,

Chief Innovations Officer


to provide systems, organizations and the public with a standard, universal framework and language  to understand and remedy the effects of trauma associated with the pandemic and other life events by learning the "what to do" using The Stages of Trauma & Recovery (STAR) Model & Trauma-Responsive Techniques

​Lizette Ubides, LCSW-C​​  is a graduate from New York University with 25+ years of experience as a Clinical Social Worker.  She has provided trauma treatment and training to mixed aged groups and at-risk populations within various systems including Child Welfare, Psychiatric Hospitals, Community Organizations, and Institutions including John Hopkins, University of Maryland, and University of Baltimore.  She is a contributing author in L.O.V.E. is the Answer  "Walking While Black"; a book about race and police relations.  She has been featured in the NY Times highlighting the successful startup of The Bronx Truancy Prevention Center (2001).  Ms. Ubides has an extensive history in program startups and program development.  

She is presently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Baltimore, a Field Instructor at the University of Mayland and Hood College.  She is a graduate and trainer for the  ROPER Victim’s Assistance Academy and a SAMSHA Certified Train the Trainer in "Trauma-Informed Care and Trauma-Informed Care and HIV." 

Lizette Ubides, LCSW-C  maintains a trauma-responsive private psychotherapy practice in Frederick, MD serving children, adolescent and adults and uses a Holistic, CBT, and DBT approach. Please use the make a difference page for inquiry about Trauma-Responsive Psychotherapy. 



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